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Wellness Business Consultation

No-cost, consultation for your wellness studio or gym

To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.

– Robin Sharma, Self-Help Author

Let's discuss your wellness business!

During your free consultation, we will explore your wellness business needs and expectations so you can grow and excel in your industry. 

I offer free consultations because I believe relationship building is the very foundation for success. I have thirty years of experience growing health and wellness businesses; let me help you.

During your consultation, we will cover:

  • Your business mission/vision

  • What you have done in the past that has and has not worked for you

  • What roadblocks you are currently facing

  • What markets you serve

  • What target markets are underserved

  • How you see the future for your business

  • Why this is the right time for you to invest in your business

Here's what other wellness business owners have to say about working with me:

challenging and fun

Pilates Plus Logo_JPG.webp
Susan is an amazing and experienced Pilates teacher and her successful tenure as a Yoga & Pilates studio owner gave her decades of experience for our program design. She designed an efficient beginners Pilates Stick program that is challenging and fun for our clients...
-Dr. Asher, Owner Pilates Plus and Physical Therapy Center, Upper Marlboro, MD
Our studio is currently a Core Barre, Indoor cycle and infrared heated yoga and barre studio but we have always dreamed of adding a Pilates aspect to our current line up. Suz's idea about the Pilates stick method was just what we were looking for... 
-Anna Segrave and Samantha Ward, Owners Downtown Barre, Morehead City, NC

energetic and encouraging


Want to learn more? Please call me at (301) 412-7081 for a free consultation.

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