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Food education and support for your individual needs

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame, and diet, and in prevention of disease."
--Thomas Edison

Losing weight and identifying food sensitivities can be frustrating and time consuming.  Choosing a program and a partner to help you navigate meal planning and lifestyle options are key factors in your success.  I’ve devoted much of my professional focus and training to food quality and nutrition.  I enjoy helping people make and eat healthy, delicious food and believe you will enjoy the creativity of the process.


I offer the following onsite and virtual nutrition services: ​

  • Coaching/counseling

  • Cooking classes 

  • Pantry audits & grocery tours

  • Meal planning

  • Liver detox program using natural foods

  • Workshops

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accomplish your dreams

I have done hot yoga, something I never thought I would try let alone be able to accomplish. I've learned self-worth. Susan takes into account all that is going on in your life (currently and historically) and works with you to set goals-- to accomplish your dreams!
-M. Quinlan, Boston, MA

Want to learn more? Please call me at (301) 412-7081 for a free consultation.

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