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Hear what people have to say about Suz Spangler’s wellness services

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"I am thankful to Suz for her listening heart, prayers and her expertise as a master Pilates instructor!  I appreciate her patience and attention to detail.  The essential oil spray that she created with love makes everything smell richer.  I am looking forward to this next year and making Pilates a part of my routine at home and I appreciate the weekly deliveries of microgreens and eggs - thank you for caring for us!"

"My coaching experience with Susan broadened my perspective on total self-care. I chose to work with a Health Coach to make better choices that would help me live my best life full of energy and balance. She taught me the value of prioritizing myself and making thoughtful decisions about my health. As a result of Susan’s coaching being tailored to my specific needs, I enhanced my diet with new recipes and meal planning techniques learned in the cooking classes. Her practical advice was easy to apply and taught me the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Susan takes great care in planning each session to ensure lasting benefits for her clients. Her supportive nature, knowledge, and accountability helped me reach my goals.

I will always be grateful!"


-Carol W. Upper Marlboro, MD

"The Pilates Stick program is a great addition to our virtual class program. Susan is an amazing and experienced Pilates teacher and her successful tenure as a Yoga & Pilates studio owner gave her decades of experience for our program design. She designed an efficient beginners Pilates Stick program that is challenging and fun for our clients. Clients are able to continue with their Pilates practice with this adaptable piece of equipment and routine. Working with Susan on the Pilates Stick program was great, she was organized

and a team player."


-Dr. Asher, Owner
Pilates Plus and Physical Therapy Center, Upper Marlboro, MD


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Susan for close to 3 decades. During that time I've had the privilege of being on the receiving end of all of her knowledge and training as far as a holistic health, Wellness, life coach. I have done hot yoga, something I never thought I would try let alone be able to accomplish. I've learned self-worth. Susan takes into account all that is going on in your life (currently and historically) and works with you to set goals-- to accomplish your dreams! Even an hour with Susan will inspire you and propel you forward to beyond your dreams."


-M. Quinlan, Boston, MA

"Little did I know 7 years ago when I called Susan Spangler that we would end up where we are today. I told my current life coach that I wanted to be more collaborative with my business. I made a list of people who I knew, but had not actually ever met; I called Susan first. We set up a date at her studio and shared an amazing fresh salad and homemade dressing. With her hospitality and incredible personality, I knew God led us together. Shortly after, she hired me for Pilates lessons and began referring her teachers to me for the Peak Pilates Certification. My instructor training business grew due to her belief in my instruction and I am forever thankful. She has become a rock in my life both personally and professionally and I'm proud to say that she is now my business coach. Susan is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, giving, driven and dedicated women I have ever met. Her attention to detail, her strong faith and the ability to follow through is truly remarkable. Her experience as a business coach, wellness center owner, wife, mother, sister, colleague, Christian and friend allows her to give her best to every person she comes in contact with. I am incredibly blessed by God every day that I have Susan in my life."


-D. Vincent, Owner

Active Body Studio, Severna Park, MD

"We had the pleasure of meeting Suz Spangler in April of 2021 when she approached our studio with excitement about introducing us to a new idea. Our studio is currently a Core Barre, Indoor cycle and infrared heated yoga and barre studio but we have always dreamed of adding a Pilates aspect to our current line up. Suz's idea about the Pilates stick method was just what we were looking for. Together we were able to brainstorm and come up with a specific plan that will work for the Downtown Barre. Suz has been thorough, energetic and encouraging. She leaves no stone unturned. We have enjoyed getting to know her and we are very excited about working with her to bring a new concept to the studio."

-Anna Segrave and Samantha Ward, Owners

Downtown Barre, Morehead City, NC

"The purpose of the Curtis Company project was to facilitate a Transition to Healthier Eating. The project rollout was delivered onsite via a series of hands-on educational workshops, a complete revamping of the daily meal offerings plus DIY recipes for the employees, and an updating of the kitchen equipment.


 In my observation Susan’s interaction with the owner, executive staff and the employees of the Curtis Company were pleasant and professional. At times, particularly in the beginning stages of the project was met with a considerable amount of resistance regarding moving away from processed foods and a meat-dominant diet. Even during those times Susan enthusiastically maintained a contagious level of optimism.


 In my honest opinion, I truly think the entire company greatly benefited from the overall collaboration with Susan to bring health promoting and delicious prepared food alternatives to the owner and employees of Curtis Company. Susan is a passionate visionary, an excellent facilitator, and she’s genuinely enthusiastic about educating and empowering others on the undeniable benefits of implementing healthy lifestyle practices."


-Ayana Muhammad, Chef

"Susan Spangler is wonderful. She is very astute about the principles of Pilates. She is considerate of my specific medical needs and tailors the sessions so that I benefit. As a previous student of Pilates using tapes; I appreciate the 1:1 experience. 

Working with Susan, my discipline and tolerances have significantly improved. As a result of working with Susan, I am able to visualize and apply the techniques consistently.  Anyone who wishes to strengthen their core and build a balanced body would appreciate the knowledge that Susan brings to her instruction."

 -Vannesia D. Morgan-Smith, PhD, RN, NE-BC

I chose Susan to work with me because of her background in Pilates.  Being a Pilates teacher and studio owner, I wanted to expand my training to include yoga.  At age 62, I have found that group yoga classes did not address my individual needs.  I have been recovering from hip injuries and neck pain.  Susan's knowledge and personal experience has helped me to not only accept my limitations but to embrace the modifications for a safe and effective practice. I also enjoy her ability to relate to my business challenges and offer suggestions and positive out looks.  I would highly recommend Susan Spangler as a business consultant and yoga and Pilates teacher.

-Lorri Wilson-Clarke, Bay Pilates

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