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Personal Consultation

No-cost nutrition, fitness, personal consultation

Health is not often valued until sickness comes.
--Thomas Fuller, Author

Let’s get to know one another!

During your free consultation, we will discuss your individual needs and expectations and what I can do for you to help you reach your wellness goals. I have offered free consultations my entire career. I believe creating a relationship is the proper foundation for people to get the most out of lifestyle changes. Let me help you with your fitness goals and nutrition needs.

During your consultation, we will cover:

  • Your health concerns

  • What you have done in the past that has and has not worked for you

  • What roadblocks you are currently facing

  • Your nutrition needs (likes and dislikes)

  • Your fitness interests

  • What resources you have to support you in your wellness journey

  • What you hope for your health in the future

  • Why this is the right time for you to invest in yourself 

For a free consultation to discuss your personal health and wellness needs:

Want to learn more? Please call me at (301) 412-7081 for a free consultation.

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