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Your wellness journey begins here.

Hi! I'm Suz.
Happy, healthy clients are my goal.

We all need a little support from time to time. There are many ways to get healthy and stay fit; my job is to help you find YOUR way. I am here to help you stay on the right path as you explore new fitness, nutrition and lifestyle options.


I don't tell people what to eat, push products, or preach a "program." My job is to meet you where you are, get to know you, and help you start living your best life--right now! Let me teach you how to treat your mind and body so well that your soul is thrilled to live in it.

My coaching services will help you:

patience and attention to detail

I am thankful to Suz for her listening heart, prayers and her expertise as a master Pilates instructor!  I appreciate her patience and attention to detail.  The essential oil spray that she created with love makes everything smell richer.
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Want to learn more? Please call me at (301) 412-7081 for a free consultation.

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